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Parent Education Sessions

The Building Blocks team is passionate about assisting children to reach their potential and supporting caregivers in their role of enabling children’s development. With this in mind we have developed our Parent Information Sessions.

These sessions are open to all prospective, new and current clients.  Please be aware that numbers are limited so registration is required.




Please contact us to inquire about any current workshops that we may be running including: topic, date, venue, cost and registering. 





An initial assessment will take between one and two hours. It may include a  parent interview and questionnaire; teacher questionnaire; classroom observations (if relevant); clinical observations; and standardised and non standardised assessments based on the age and need of the child.


Individual Therapy

Depending on your child’s developmental needs and your family’s circumstances your child’s therapist will recommend either weekly or fortnightly sessions.Therapy includes: targeted Occupational Therapy intervention; feedback on your child’s progress and home fun / practice if relevant.


Group Therapy

There may be times in your child’s treatment plan that they would benefit from group intervention.  We take particular care to match clients according to needs, interests and personalities. Please contact us to inquire about groups that we may be currently running.


School Services

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with schools their specific needs and collaboratively design a service that promotes their students' foundational skill development to enhance participation and confidence within the classroom and school yard.

Occupational Therapy for Children
Occupational Therapy for Children
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